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The Joy of Puzzles

For as long as I can remember, I have been crazy about puzzles. Words, numbers, shapes … it really doesn’t matter what form the puzzles are in, if it involves logical thinking skills and problem solving, and I’m exposed to the challenge of it, I become intrigued.


The latest “puzzle” I’ve become fascinated with is web design. It began when I decided to bite the bullet, so to speak, and start this personal blog. There was quite a bit that went into getting this site up and running and fortunately I had a great techno mentor in a family friend to help with all of the initial set up. I decided to follow his advice of using a self-hosted blog platform for more control and flexibility in my blogging, to have the freedom to tweek my site as desired, and to actually own the content. This involved purchasing my own domain name through Go Daddy and arranging hosting for my site which I did through ANHosting.

It didn’t take long for my wheels to start spinning and I began asking, “What if? How? Why?” as it pertained to all the different elements of my blog. I soon realized one of the benefits of a self-hosted site … the opportunity to tap into my creative side and begin to make my blog uniquely mine.

Because I set up a self-hosted site, I had the option of making my blog look anyway I wanted. Since I’m new to all of this, I found a fast and easy way to get started with the appearance of my blog, was to download a free web design theme from WordPress. Once the initial set up for my domain was complete and the WordPress theme of my choice was installed on my site … ta da! I was up and running … an “official” blogger.

Hackers “R” Us

My first official “hack” involved re-writing the little blurb in the upper right corner under the About section. It originally contained a few lines of Latin. Obviously, I wanted it to say something different, so I entered my site as the administrator, accessing the guts of my blog, and began exploring. Once I found the section of code that contained the section of Latin, I was able to delete it and add instead what you see written there now.


For the first few weeks I was content to have my blog up and running, and simply enjoyed having an outlet for my writing. I was able to add to the appearance and features of my blog by simply installing ready made plugins, such as the coolest thing evah … the Thought Sphere seen in the sidebar on the right. (Seriously, you know you visit my site just to play with it and get lost in it’s spinningness. Okay, maybe that’s just me.) Yet, I was still bothered by a few minor things about the appearance. I realized that if I was able to hack into the code and change the little Latin blurb, that must mean I could make other changes as well.


Oh, goodness, gracious, me! I’m now addicted and working on learning CSS and HTML code, which it appears my site is basically built with, along with PHP, to understand website design and build my own. Fascinating stuffage and one of the most exciting puzzles I’ve come across. I’ve started hacking the code for the theme of this site in my own little workshop. Very crude hacking, mind you, with little concern about the appearance. I’m just trying to understand all the elements of this theme’s design.

Is that cool or what!!!

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