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Thank God It’s Friday!

Count you blessings! No matter what you are experiencing, if you take the time to stop and think about all the positive things in your life, you will most assuredly realize that God has blessed you in immeasurable ways. They may not be obvious at first, especially if you are facing difficulties or struggling with some particular trouble in your life, but I promise, the blessings are there. […]

Love Wichita

There is nothing that inspires me more than to see people of all denominations united, laying their differences in theology aside, and working side by side toward a common goal. On Saturday, April 25th, here in Wichita, exactly that will take place as churches from all over the city come together for one common purpose: To Love Wichita. […]

Love Is in the Air

Responding in fear is convenient. If we don’t understand someone, have never been exposed to someone’s ethnicity or culture, or disagree with them politically, we can hide behind our fears and therefore, not learn about our differences, or dare ourselves to grow in understanding. […]